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What motivates professional early millennials in the workplace and what is the best way to manage them to reach their potential?

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“A generation change is happening in the work force. In 2025, 3 out of 4 workers in the world will be millennials (Schawbel, 2012). But one doesn’t have to wait 10 years to see this coming, the millennials are already in the work force and their values, their attitude to work and motivation has and will forever change the working environment. Companies have started to understand that in order to be more competitive, they should adopt Theory Y theories, which means to involve and engage their employees vertically, have less…read more

Why does the share have a certain value?

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A common question is why the shares on the stock market costs the way they do. Answer: The price is based on the future dividends expectation from the company. —”What? But the dividend is so low and I don’t think that this is true. The price is much higher than any dividends I’ll get from it. And what about when companies doesn’t pay any dividends at all? Especially certain tech companies. How can they have that value without dividends?” First, let’s clear out what a dividend is. It is a…read more


How to make a business case

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What are relevant things to include in a business case, and how do you make sure that this Business Case is based on facts and not made to make it just look nice? There is a complete finance book behind this, but the idea is to spare you the read, and instead give you an example of a simple business case, that can be used for project evaluation. 1. Overview The first step is to get an overview of what your project will cost when, and how much it will…read more


Marketing Plan

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Having a clear and well thought thru marketing plan is key in order to be able to make it in the market. Without it, you are missing out on a lot of good information, ways to assess competitors and “best-practice” that will help you take the right decisions. What should your marketing plan consist of? Executive Summary Write a short summary about the contents of your marketing plan. This paragraph is great for managers who want to grasp the overview without having to dig thru the details of the entire…read more


Setting price

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What is the best way to set the price of your product or service? it all depends on what value you want the product to have. There are a some steps to be followed, in order to reach the strategic pricing objective. Strategic pricing process Set strategic pricing objective What should be the objective? You could use the positioning process below to understand competitor-oriented pricing and customer-oriented pricing. Cost-oriented pricing takes in to consideration the manufacturing, distribution, promotion and service costs and adds a margin. Estimate demand and price elasticity…read more