Robert Mejlerö

Is it done or is it done-done?

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In an agile world the definition of done is interesting. Sometimes a feature is considered done, from a developer or development process perspective, when it’s moved to the Done-column. Now it “just” needs to be tested and released. Easy-peasy. Not so fast. Let’s dissect this statement in to little pieces and go thru them one by one – only then can we understand and form an opinion on the why. Trust me, there are many small concepts hidden here. Definition of done In scrum, the team (in best cases) makes…read more

Something new in the recruitment space

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It’s been said for a while that “recruitment is broken”. I have at least heard it for the last years. Is it really? Why is it that finding a job, or finding great candidates for the job takes so much time? Obviously you’re dealing with people and not goods, so it needs to be a delicate process. But with all new cool tools we have out there, AI (well doesn’t actually exist yet), machine learning, algorithms…how come we are not better at doing this. What do I mean with “not…read more