Survey: What motivates millennials?

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For my MBA course at Edinburgh Business School and FHNW Basel I’m writing a master thesis about motivation at work. It’s no news that there is a huge generation shift happening right now. According to a survey by Time, in 2025 the workforce will be 75% “millennials” (1980-2000). This is a subject of high interest to companies as they struggle to understand what motivates employees these days. The research question of the master thesis is “What motivates professional early millenials in the workplace and what is the best way to manage them to reach their potential?”

Please fill out the attached survey, it won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Here is the link:

In the end of the survey, I ask if you would be interested in an interview. If you are, please fill out this information and I’ll contact you for more details.

As a thanks to you as a participant, I will send you a report with the results of the survey as soon as it is done. Now you can be the first to know!

Further, as ethics is very important, I have made a data privacy and confidential release statement that you can read here. In short, it covers that all your information is anonymous (even if you enter an e-mail address). I will not use your name anywhere. I also promise that I will treat the data with respect and not manipulate, add or remove anything so that it changes the context.

Big thanks for helping me writing the master thesis and adding to the research!

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Robert Mejlerö

Basel, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark