Drag and drop content editing for companies – in any CMS

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I recently started as Development Manager for a company called Zmags. It’s a semi-new company situated next to Nørreport in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m working with Zmags products, Publicator and Creator.

I’ve worked with many dev teams, especially in marketing, trying to realize mockups, powerpoints and what not, in either campaign sites or promotion areas on websites. It’s about taking the idea from concept and wireframe to a working HTML presentation. It’s always been about priorities, as we almost all the time had a big pipeline of tickets or features to implement. So it always took a few weeks for a developer to realize the mockup in HTML. And then for some review process with product or marketing, then check in code and lastly doing the (at that time) cumbersome release process.

I’ve tested software like wix.com. They have a great interface to drag and drop content to a website. It’s rather heavy though and doesn’t fit enterprise customers with their sometimes complex content management system (CMS) setups. Migrating to another CMS is not always the easiest thing, it takes time and usually triggers a complete re-do of the content structure, the website will get a new design etc. What about maintaining old links? – a new structure usually gives a new url structure, which Google is not so happy about, raising some SEO concerns. So in short – moving a to a new CSM is a major project for many reasons.

So what if you want drag and drop content creation anyway? Zmags has a product called Creator, which enables this – believe it or not.

Working with Creator is as simple as:

  1. Log in to the SaaS platform
  2. Upload images, insert text (integrate your best fonts too) and create slide effects or other parallax like features.
  3. Publish the content to any div/placeholder (you can drag and drop!) on your website. (the only thing you need to have before is a small code snippet installed)

It can’t really be easier than that. Your CMS is still used to maintain pages and structure. It’s just that the content comes from elsewhere – namely from Zmags Creator. And the performance will also be better, as Zmags Creator uses Amazon S3 and Akamai for content delivery – which makes your content come closer to the users.

With Zmags Creator you also get more analytics like Image views – find your most viewed images. One really exciting new feature is the ability to auto tag images using Amazon Rekognition, which is deep learning-based recognition/artificial intelligence. This is also on the agenda of Shoptalk – a large commerce event in LA March 19-22 2017.
This is one of many exciting features that comes with Zmags Creator.